Friday, November 25, 2005


I will tell my story. I was born a small grey puffball in Colorado. I had a family they took me to the stabby place and when I woke up my boy thingys were gone and my butt was sore. Then sometime later I got separated and lost from my family. But luckily I found a house that had a warm place under it(it was November and all), and when I looked in the windows there were other cats inside. So I made lots of noise, you know like; It's cold out here, let me in there, can I come in, I'm starving out here. After a whole night of making a fuss, the humans put food and water in dishes on the porch and left for the whole day. When they came back; as soon as the door was opened I ran inside and announced loudly that I was going to live here. But the next day the humans left again, and you know what, they put food and water and me outside again. Later they returned and I rushed in the door and I've been with them every since, that was 3 years ago today.


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