Friday, December 09, 2005

It's not fair. I get the green sneezies and lose my appetite for a few days, and when I feel better I get no stinky goodness. My brother Punkin' sneaks outside gets in a fight and loses his appetite, but you know what. He gets only stnky goodness to eat now. It's just not fair mom. I wanted stinky goodness too, and all I got was vaporized.

Note from mom: Petey is grossly overweight and after 2 days of not eating you still cannot tell that he missed a meal. Punkin' on the other hand has megacolon and while outside fighting he broke off one of his lower canines and didn't eat for a week and lost about a pound, which is a significant weight loss for a cat who is underweight to begin with, but is on the road to recovery and gets all the stinky goodness he wants.


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