Thursday, May 25, 2006

Long Time No Post

It sure has been crazy around here lately.

The puppies; it's all about the puppies; they sure are cute when they're doing this; which is somethng that they don't do nearly enough of.

On Saturday the humans went to the Altus America Air Show and they said there were lots of birds there; mostly just the kind that we don't eat, but they did fly around. These are the Thunderbirds.

The humans said that this funny looking "bird" is a MiG 17 and it was real noisy. It must scare the predators away.

Then my sissyfur, Sooner, has been feeling poorly. The mom had to take her to the V-E-T alot of times. Tuesday, she took her to the V-E-T and was gone all day. When Sooner got back we asked about the ordeal and she told me that she was locked in the small crate and that they drove in the car for what seemed like forever (She went to a veterinary dermatologist in Tulsa). But the lady was very nice to her and they gave her air to breathe that made her sleepy; and when she woke up she had owies on her nose and in her left ear; which is nothing compared to the owies she had before she went to the V-E-T; they were all oozy and crusty (they took biopsys to find out which exact auto-immune skin disease she has). Now she has to take pink pills everyday and gets to eat all the Stinky Goodness she wants.
I don't think that's very fair, last time I got sickly, I had to take icky medicines and I didn't get all the Stinky Goodness I wanted. I believe I will protest by making a big stink outside the box.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Mom's Day

For the mom's day, I stayed at home and helped the dad take care of the puppies. It was alot of work.

The mom and the kids went to the Wichita Mts. Wildlife Refuge. They saw this Longhorn bull beside the road.

Then they went fishing and this little snake was in the cave behind them. Not to worry, it wasn't poisonous.

Luna has been practicing for the Catolympics.Here she is on the balance beam.

Happy mother's day to all the moms.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Birdies Are It

I've been tagged and birdies are it. Here's some of the birds found in our area:

House Finches-an occaisional visitor
Great-tailed Grackles-my favorite
Northern Cardinals-Luna's favorite

American Robins-it's not spring without them

Northern Mockingbirds-sing everybody's song(all night long)

Mourning Doves-Punkin's favorite
Inca Doves-the mom's favorite

Blue Jays-the dad's favorite

Rock Doves(pigeons)-Petey's favorite
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher-Oklahoma state bird

Now I must tag Fat Eric, Digby, Hara & Lulu.