Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's spring here. It's been cold and icky forever. But it hasn't been all bad. Humom's irises bloomed last month. They are just outside of our bathroom window, that has been open every chance we get. These are tall bearded irises, we've had them for 2 years now and they were over 3 feet tall and both stalks had 5 blooms on them. No idea what variety, but we enjoyed them anyways.

Here is a picture of the newest puppies. They were born April 25th, momma SuzyQ had to have a C-section, because they all have daddy Diego's big apple head. All 3 are fat and healthy and will be making their appearance really soon.

This is SuzyQ's momma, Baby. She is gonna have her next litter in a few weeks and she is already huge. Last time she had 7 and the time before that was 8. She took a few years off from puppying and this will also be a Darling Diego litter (he's been a busy little fella, this will be his 3rd litter this year).
Here I am sitting on the filing cabinets with HGL. If you biggify and look to the right you can see where Happy-Go-Pukey saved some of breakfast for later. Can we all say EEWWW!!
Perhaps the walking garbage disposer, HockeyPuck, will come along and finish it. Gotta go; my typist is being summoned by a squawker.