Friday, December 10, 2010

Catchin' Up!

I will have you to know that I protested my exile from the CB, profusely. Quite profusely.
Every chance I got. I told that human exactly what I thought of her.
Maybe that had something to do with it.
I don't know.
You don't think I took it too far do you?

Here's some of the other stuff that I didn't get to share with you-

Mr. Siskin came to visit for a spell. And was very kind to pose for a photo.

A couple of young Go-Finches stopped by to chat; they were really noisy.

HGL was in fevver hevven.

The humans went to the medieval faire and lookit what they saw,
a real live wolfie. Humom said he was really nice and well behaved even though there was like a bazillion people and their woofies there. The pic is from last year 'cause they didn't get to go this year on account of how busy they were with all the new puppies we had. I'll have my assistant sort all of those photos and post them later on.
The irises were pretty.
They were even better this year, but Humom was too busy to take a picture; her MIL loves to see pics of the flowers. Their spot in the flower bed is very well protected from the weather and the irises think it is spring all the time. They look like they could jump into action at the least bit of warm weather. I'll show you them soon; along with our new birdbath.

Now, we'll jump to fall.
Summer was all about the yappers.

I bet that little lizard would be fun to chase.You can fnd these little guys on the Comanche National Grasslands. Humom goes there a couple of times a year. She also tries to fit in a trip to her ancestral  homelands. They've been to Palo Duro Canyon in the past and they went to Caprock Canyon last year. Next is a trip to the Alibates Flint Quarry.
 Even though it was November it was about 75 degrees that day.
Can you believe how blue the sky is there?
It's true what they say about those west Texas skies.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My Perch

 Puck, Lucky, and I like to hang out in the living room and watch some Bird TV and wait for mice.
Lucky likes to birdwatch out of the picture window that is in my last post.
It's a big window; 7 feet high and goes almost all the way to the  floor.
In the evenings I sit on my perch.
I hang out with Humom and the woofies.
Tonite we watched rodeo and had some turkey. It was OK; I wanted HAM.
They thought it was wonderful, but they think everything is wonderful and edible.
. That's Humom with little momma SuzyQ, her puppy Dinky (who's bigger than her), and the black blurs are Hersa (pronounced ursa) and her brother Pal.
We're even doin' this entire post (pictures and all) from the sofa on the little 'puter.

Gotta go; I've been holdin' out for stinky goodness all nite and it's time to eat.

Monday, December 06, 2010

What A Busy Weekend!

After the mousie incident, the house had to be inspected and after it was deemed free of mice; there was much cleanin' to be done. Puck and I helped with the dustin'.

Then Humom let me go onto the porch to Hunt...
I contemplated where to hunt first...
This is where I hunted. Most of the stuff here is freebie stuff that the Humans find when they go huntin'. The blue chair thingies were not free. They are a pair of seats from the Old Mile High Stadium. The dresser in the back is where I focused my attention. The mousie scent was strongest there.
I looked in the drawer...
I thought I heard a noise over there...
I went back to hunt in the drawer...
All I found was a mess. A mess of sunflower seed shells. Some mouse has been very busy.

After I went in, Humom continued the Hunt. This is what she found...
 Lookit the mousie, right below the yellow sunflower
 Its still there...
 Do you see its big ears?
Here is a closeup, Look on the right and you can see some more mouse feets.

Here is where the mousie got in.
 A gap in the floor...
that is no longer there.  

After a day of vigorous huntin'; I needed a much deserved snuggle.
    With Human.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

We have something to be thankful for.
We didn't get poked yesterday.
The humans went huntin' and then Humom got busy doin' this.
But I heard that we are gettin' our pokies today instead; bummer.

Guess what Puck did?
He caught a mousie.
No photos though, he gots it while our Humom was in the bath.
He left it outside the door for her but the Human tooked it away ; he didn't think it would be good to leave there, in the dark. He doesn't understand protocol.
The Eye of a Hunter

Here's the lowdown on the mousie.
It snuck in late Monday nite while everyone was sleeepin'
Except for Human.
Puck found out it was in the dining room on Tuesday
and pretty much camped out there until he gotted it on Wednesday nite.

If you're keepin' score its:   Puck-2   Mice-0