Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday With Sooner...

...And love is in the air. While my mancat, Petey, is resting up I'll be taking over the posting for him. But first, I must profess My Love to My Valentine. You can see in my eyes the intensity of my adoration for him. And I know that he feels the same way towards me too.

There is no shortage of potential beaus in this house.
But Petey, is the one for me.
I give to you, the first flower of spring.

Happy Valentines Day to every cat and human. May you all spend the day with the one that you love.

Friday, February 13, 2009

In The Pink

I bet you thought that this was gonna be a Valentine's Day post.
Well, it's not. It was gonna be about my pink eye and green sneezies. But I got distracted by the go-finches.

But, while we was bird watchin' this mornin', we saw one of Puck's relatives huntin' so we zoomed in on him to see what he was a huntin'. He's that black spot between the tree stump and window feeder; just above Lucky's right ear (HP is doin' the swattin' and HGL is nappin', I'm on the right).

click to biggify

There he is 'bout to pounce.

He pounced himself a slinky snake (it looks like he's jus' holdin' the grass but we looked with spyglasses and see'd it was a snaky). We know from personal 'sperience ('cause we had one as a pet-its a lined snake, they eat earthworms) that those are some of the most interestin' toys there is.

We watched him play "Snaky" for a long time. He tossed it all around and rolled around in the grass with it and everything. Looked like lots of fun.

Then he gave himself a bath and took a nap.

Okay, now back to me. I got the green sneezies (again) and I got pink eye as a bonus this time (must've sneezed green goo into my eye). So on top of my time in the torture chamber I get eye drops twice a day for a week. Thankfully, I didn't have to go to the V.E.T. and get stabbed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What the F***! Wednesday

Just after dinner last night I heard all of this commotion and everyone runnin' all 'round like chickens with their heads cut off. Up and down the hall from the livin' room to the bedroom and back again and that's just the humans, the yappers were really makin' a fuss too.

So, about an hour later, after the din had died down. I went into the human's room and lookit what I found there.
Seems like Jez has gone and done it again. 3 new little squakers-2 girls and a boy.

You may now all go, "AAWWW....ain't they precious".

Well, I can say from experience, that they don't stay that way for long.
Before you know it they're all over the place. Tryin' to play with your tail and yappin' and takin' up all of my Humom's time. Time that could be spent answerin' to my every whim.
Let's hope that phase doesn't last too long either and that they all go to their forever homes real, real soon and take some of the others with them.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Grab a Button! — Great Backyard Bird Count

I wanted to remind all you birders out there that the great backyard bird count is coming up next weekend. So click that linky down below and happy birding.

Also and update on Jez's weight; she has gained about 2lbs so far......

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tummy Tuesday Vol.4

Tummy Tuesday has gone to the dogs. Litterally (spelling is correct). We are about to be overrun by those little yappers again. Guess what, we're gonna have another
Guess The Litter Contest.
Everyone spread the word!!
Here are the rules:
  • One entry per household -cause we ain't got alot of monies
  • All entries need to be submitted by e-mailing me directly -link is on my profile
  • Anyone can enter -we don't discriminate-even if you don't have furs
  • All entries need to include:
  • your name and address-unless you don't want us to send you somethin' (I think the winner should get one of the yappers, but that's just my opinion)
  • your guess as to how many and which day they will arrive-bonus for closest to correct times
  • Contest ends when I do a Post Puppy Post -you know, like when they get here, whenever that will be

So everyone do your homework. You can search this blog and the dog's blog and their website for clues. Good luck and happy guessing. Here are some pics to help you figure out how many is in there. These were all taken today.

Jez-From the side

From above with her 5&1/2 lb sister who is really skinny. Jez's normal weight is 8lbs and there will be updates made with her weight when she goes in for a checkup.

Jez- held by Humom.

Here are some clues to help you out.
She was bred on December 13th.
This is her 3rd litter.

More to come....