Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thank you for the birthday wishes. But it wasn't my birthday, it was my gotcha day instead.
But it was a good day, we got stinky gooodnesss. It gets made extra special now with DE (diatomaceous earth) added (for parasite control).

Lookit Punkin here with T1
Punkin is doing real good since he was diagnosed as diabetic last year. He gots his own room and litterbox and special food and gets stuck twice a day with a needle. As a bonus we don't get the bitey put on us anymore by him. That's a win-win for all of us.

Luna's last picture
On a sad note we had to help our sissyfur Luna cross the bridge this past July. She got the dreaded cancer and went to join the Great Romeo on the other side. Don't be sad, she didn't suffer. Our humans didn't wait too long after this was taken, to take her, they didn't want her to have any bad days. They would rather themselves have many bad days than see one of us have one bad day.

On the plus side-I am no longer plus size. I have lost weight and am now within normal limits for a cat my size. Here is a shot of me and my girl Sooner doing our favorite activity-birdwatchin'.
More good news-
No more miserable car rides as the Humom gives us our annual pokes here at home. Which are coming up on Wednesday. Not good news-

Don't mind the date, that's what the camera does when you put new batteries in and don't set the date. This is Mr.Go-Finch; him and his family come to visit us during the winter months. They just showed up last week but we haven't got their picture yet.

This is Mrs. Go-Finch
I would show you Mr. Siskin, but blogger wouldn't let me put his picture here. So that is where I will end for today.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!

Yeah, That's right.

I, Petronious The Arbiter, am officially back; to claim my rightful place as the head bloggin' cat of this here insane asylum.

First off, I have to give a tremendous amount of grief to the Humom who wouldn't let me onto the computer. But I was super sneaky and I prevailed in ascertaining the multiple passwords that are needed to get online.

Second, I will spend these cold evenings visiting everycat's blog catchin' up on all that I missed out on (Thanks Humom). Then I will update you on all the insanity that you missed out on.