Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where We Are

No, we haven't disappeared. No one has died; although we did sell a few of the new babies. We have been very busy since November. HGL's "friend", Suzy Q, had puppies 6 weeks ago today. Her sister, Jezebel, had puppies 10 weeks ago tomorrow. Plus; we've still got some of the ones from Baby that were born in Nov. If anycat's wondering, there are 14 woofies living in MY house. Plus, we're dogsitting Clancy; one of the pups from Suzy/Jez's litter; while the human's mom is recovering from surgery. Here's some of the wee one's that have been born here lately. I know; aww, how adorable. Well, they ain't adorable when they're tryin' to wrestle with you.

That giant black thing ain't Lucky; it's Puck and he's tryin' to take my spot at the waterin' hole.

I have been extremely busy getting as fat as I can. I know I must be close to my heaviest ever. The human said that she can't even feel my ribs anymore. Well, rest assured, they are there. Nice and safe; all protected under a glorious layer of blubber. Lucky has even put on a few pounds to his massive frame. The human's weighed him last month and he is a whoppin' 19.5 lbs. They don't even try to weigh me. I'm too big to pick up.

HockeyPuck went to the stabby place and spent the night; and the next day he came home all groggy and stinkin' of pee and medicines. They removed his mancathood from 2 places. Somethin' 'bout a fishin' 'xpedition (one of Puck's hoohaa's was in his abdomen and the vet had to open him up to find it very deep within his belly).

Punkin has been mean grumpy to us all, more than usual. The humans won't let him go outside anymore, 'cause they caught him crossin' the street and just standing in the middle of the road ( I think he has become senile or suicidal in his old age-chron. he's 11, but he probably feels closer to 20 with the Megacolon he has). So he has taken it out on us and the paper towels. I say give them paper towels hell. I'd put the bite on them if I could get up there. He don't mess with me though; when he tries to bite me all he gets is a mouthful of fur.

The girls are their usual selves; hiding and virtually nonexistant. I guess it's hard to be a girl cat in a sea of MANCATS and DOGS ...

We'll be takin' some more time off so that the humans can take care of business, but I'll try to sneak on whenever I can and if they'll ever leave the computer on when they're not around. It was more of those same, lame excuses. We have to work on the house and the grandma human's house and push to sell those puppies. Now they're even having to take care of the grandma human too. Sheesh, I'll never get these people. Why can't they be more like us?