Monday, February 27, 2006

Take A Guess-Win A Prize

By request-quick contest

Guess the number of puppies that Baby will have and win a surprise.

E-mail us your guess. NO multiple entries. Due date is Feb. 28th. Results will be posted when all puppies are delivered. Winner will be notified by e-mail. Contest is open to all in the blogosphere. Void where prohibited.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday is fun-day

All us bruddies got to go outside with the woofies. We sniffed the warm air, tried to eat the brown grass( it wasn't very tasty) and lay in the sunshine. It was all good until my stoopid little bruddy HGL ruined it for us all by trying to run off. Then we all had to go inside. That wasn't entirely bad 'cause Napcar was on and we all settled in on the sofa for a nice nap. There's just something so very relaxing about them cars goin' whirr-whirr-whirr ; over and over and over. Makes me sleepy just thinking about it, I need a nap. Bye

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bad Sissyfur

Look what I found to play with. The humans called it a Q-Tip, but I call it lotsa fun. I had never seen one of these little light white sticks before and I had tons of fun with it; until, my stoopid sissyfur Sooner stole it and ate the end of it. Now it's broken and I don't want it anymore. Stoopid sissyfurs.

Friday, February 24, 2006

My Sleepy Place

Last night, no wait a minute, let me back up. For the last two nights my bruddy Punkin has taken my sleepy place on the mom's pillow. I know the subject may be overdone, but it's an issue with us cats. Efurrybody should have their own sleepy spot for the night.Mine is the mom's pillow.
I claimed it on the 2nd night that I moved in.The first night I tried the dad's pillow cause I thought it might be good.But his head is too big and there isn't enough room for me. So, the next night I tried the mom's pillow and her head is like really small, so there is plenty of room for me to sleep there. It's been my place every since; except the last two nights.
So last night I got in there before Punkin and got my sleepy spot back. You know what, he had the nerve to come up and demand my place. I mewd to let the mom to let her know he was coming and when he got on the pillow he grumbled "murrgph", that's Punkinese for "Get up, I'm gonna sleep there". But the mom told him no and to go sleep on the dad's pillow. And he did. Then I purred us all to sleep. Because I'm a lover not a fighter.

This morning I walked past him and I didn't even say hi. He may be meaner; but I'm bigger. So I think I'll sit in his favorite birdwatching spot all day long and we'll just see how he likes that.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Baby Making Babies

Puppy Update!
Not long now- they're due on the 28th
I think she swallowed a football and they blow it up a little more each night while she's in the crate.
But no there are really pupppies in there again, last time we only had 1.
MOM: I was gonna put a picture of him up here but it is stuck in the old hard drive.
Whatever, mom. Just make sure to put pictures of the new ones , got it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

HI! I'm Petey's bruddy* Happy-Go-Lucky. I'm the baby of the family. I like naps with the mom and chasing my sissyfurs around. The little red bug is lots of fun too. This is fun, I'm gonna do this some more.

Petey: You're gonna do what some more? Give me my bath?

HGL: I'm gonna help you write and with everthing else like I always do. You know, like give you your bath. Because someone has to do it and you certainly are not good at it.That's why the mom calls you Stinky Pete.

*brother from another kitty=bruddy

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm glad I'm and indoor kitty today

The sky is spitting little snowballs onto the ground. I would include a picture, but they still haven't fixed the stupid programming issues yet.

Still no pictures

My support staff is continuing to work to resolve the issue. In the meantime please feel free to send any suggestions as to how to make the pictures show up. I can't even get my photo to show up on my profile.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

No photos

When the hard drive crashed we lost all the pictures that we had stored on it . We got a new one and now we will be taking photos to post, so that we can continue to update everyone on our lives here in exile.

Monday, February 13, 2006

I think we're back

There are still some problems that we have to work out, but I expect them to be resolved shortly. Again, sorry for the absence.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Technical Difficulties

We are experiencing technical difficulties the hard drive crashed . We hope to be up and running soon . Sorry for the inconvenience . Sincerely , Petronious the Arbiter's support staff .