Sunday, November 27, 2005

Just another reason that it is better to be a cat than a dog. The dogs had to get their nails done. It was quite entertaining, the Chihuahuas put up such a fuss. You'd think that the mom was killing them, with all the squirming and squealing going on. But when the mom got to the big dog it got real boring 'cause he likes all that attention, and he just went to sleep. So I went and watched the dad work on the ongoing bathroom remodeling project. There was much banging today and its fun to wacth when he hurts himself. Silly humans. This is my post where I sit and rule my household from. Sorry, the mom couldn't find another picture of me , I look so fat sitting like that. Well I guess I'm just that fat, sigh...

Friday, November 25, 2005


I will tell my story. I was born a small grey puffball in Colorado. I had a family they took me to the stabby place and when I woke up my boy thingys were gone and my butt was sore. Then sometime later I got separated and lost from my family. But luckily I found a house that had a warm place under it(it was November and all), and when I looked in the windows there were other cats inside. So I made lots of noise, you know like; It's cold out here, let me in there, can I come in, I'm starving out here. After a whole night of making a fuss, the humans put food and water in dishes on the porch and left for the whole day. When they came back; as soon as the door was opened I ran inside and announced loudly that I was going to live here. But the next day the humans left again, and you know what, they put food and water and me outside again. Later they returned and I rushed in the door and I've been with them every since, that was 3 years ago today.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


I've been buggin' the mom forever. I want, I want , I want to do the weblog. I need to do the weblog. I has much to say. My name is Petronious the Arbiter, did I mention I have lots to say.