Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy Days Are Here Again

Hi ya'll. It looks like we might be havin' a break from the heat, that's kept us from bloggin' and even being in our room for the most part. We've had 13 days of 100+ temps. It has been so hot that we couldn't hardly eat. But not to worry, no cat has lost any weight; 'cause we haven't been movin' around; all we do is sit by the waterbowl and the air conditioner.
Petey lays in the bathroom and wraps hisself around the toilet. He was in hidin' for the first week, until the humans went out and hunted for some new air conditioners and they brought back two of them.
Only sooner is able to take the heat. It must be her small size and alot of white furs that help her. Her owies are all gone and she hasn't had to take anymore of the pink pills for over a month.
Even my bruddy, Punkin, has been nice and not bitin' me so much on the back of the neck. So, I've been sharin' my spot on the box with him; since all we do is sleep the days and nights away.
My other sissyfur, Luna, has her favorite spot back, in her basket right by the big comfy sofa thingy. I was so happy that it got cool that I slept with the mom all evening and all night. Every time she sat down, there I was on top of her. I missed that and look forward to the cool weather so I can snuggle some more.
Gotta go, I feel the urge to gorge and purge some more; you never know when it'll get too hot to eat again. See ya when it gets cool.